How We Evolved

History of Hebron

The school opened in 1999 with only two grades and now serves students from grades 9 to 12. Ninth graders attend the adjacent Hebron 9th Grade Center, which opened in 2010. The Class of 2002 was the first graduating class. Hebron High School is located in what used to be the old town of Hebron. Only a few small patches of the town remain; most has been incorporated into surrounding cities of Carrollton, Plano, and The Colony.

When Hebron High School was being built in the late 1990’s LISD asked Arbor Creek students to submit names on what Hebron should be called. The “Hawks, “Hippos” and “Hurricanes” names were submitted. The “Hawks” were chosen as historians believed the two other names were submitted as a joke by the student body. Hebron was initially painted green as its primary color by the architects. Students did not like the color due to being to close to Newman Smith’s colors and changed it to black and blue. The board added silver so it would not be gang related. Today there still is a presence of green inside and outside the school.


Hebron sports teams are called the Hebron Hawks; women's teams are called the Lady Hawks. The school colors are black, silver, and blue and the official school mascot is Harry the Hawk.

Hebron’s golf program began in 2000 as a 4A school and is currently classified as 6A by the University Interscholastic League. The boys and girls teams combined have produced more than 9 District Champion titles, 4 Regional Champion titles, and 1 State Champion title. The Hebron Golf Team continues to compete at the highest level with some of the toughest districts around.


The hawk talon, raised in the air while singing the Alma Mater, is made by curling the index and middle finger in the air while bending the thumb toward the palm in a similar fashion and tucking the ring and pinky fingers into the palm completely. Students display this when acknowledging authority at events or at certain times during games. Students and faculty also use an unofficial motto, "Hawk Pride Never Dies" (abbreviated HPND), to show their school spirit.

Alma Mater

The alma mater was written by members of the class of 2002 and 2003. The words are:

Hebron you are so grand, finest school in all the land

Together we will fly, as years go by

Hawks soar with pride and grace, flying to a higher place

You stand so strong and true

GO Black, Silver, Blue!!